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Miniature Golden Retrievers were originally bred 50+/-% Golden Retriever and the other 40+/-% is mixture of either English Cocker Spaniel and American Cocker Spaniel, Also Known as Sport Retrievers. Ryver, Ravyn, and Rayne are this combination.

Miniature Golden Retrievers come in many colors and combination of colors. Our pairs throw puppies ranging from light white to dark red. Some breeders add poodle in the lineage as well. We have recently added Ruger James as our new stud to the kennel. He does have a small percentage of poodle in his lineage. The poodle bloodline was added to help in the reducing of shedding.

Miniature Golden Retrievers love the water! They enjoy all water, rivers, lakes, creeks, drain ditches and swimming pools. We keep swimming pools with fresh water all spring, summer, and fall. They have interesting, webbed feet to accommodate them when swimming and playing in the water.